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March 7, 2012
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PokemonOpal-GwendolynApplication by Axel-Pwnderson PokemonOpal-GwendolynApplication by Axel-Pwnderson
Oh god my hand is a bloody stump after doing this XD;;
After finishing my other guy and all his pokemon....I decided I didn't like him anymore OTL so I made this girl instead.
Experimented with some different coloring/shading styles. So far my favorite is the one I used on Gwendolyn herself ffffff. Oh lordy, time to time up all her stuff:

[NAME] :: Gwendolyn Charlotte Hargrave
[AGE] :: 16
[BIRTHDAY] :: December 20th
[GENDER] :: Female

[HOMETOWN/REGION] :: Nimbasa City, Unova
[JOB] :: Pokemon Stylist; Coordinator on the side.

[HEIGHT] :: 5'
[WEIGHT] :: 98 lbs (though her weight fluctuates frequently)

[PERSONALITY] :: Gwendolyn is a very sweet-natured and cheerful girl. She absolutely loves everything "cute", though sometimes her idea of "cute" can mean "horrifyingly nightmarish" to others. Compassionate and caring, Gwendolyn can also be very strong-willed; sometimes imposing too much on others. But on the few occasions where she goes too far and actually upsets someone, she really beats herself up about it and cries.

She appears to act younger than she actually is due to being quite babied and spoiled by her parents and older siblings. However, she doesn't act like a brat, and is very giving with the things she has. Gwendolyn is very naive when it comes to the outside world, having never been on her own or have to pull her own weight. Because of this, she's had a difficult time since starting her journey, and gets herself into trouble with people when she's not careful.

She has a difficult time with the opposite sex, having never really interacted with males other than her father and brothers. When dealing with boys, Gwendolyn can get rather tongue-tied and nervous until she gets to know them enough to be comfortable. It doesn't particularly help that her eldest brother gives her grave warnings of running into guys while on the road.

Gwendolyn was raised to be very lady-like; she tries to reflect this as much as she can.

[BACK STORY] :: Gwendolyn was born a rather sickly baby, but as she grew older, her health improved greatly. Like most kids, she wanted to be a pokemon trainer once she turned 10; however, her parents worried too much and they made a deal to wait until she was 15.
Even though she got a late start to her journey, the year she has spent exploring the world and making pokemon friends has been more wonderful than anything she had ever imagined before.
She soon grew to love contests more than battling, and has decided to pursue competing in contests while she also works towards being a renowned Pokemon Stylist like her mother.

Mother- Teresa Hargrave; a renowned pokemon stylist. She has many different lines of products. She frequently sends Gwendolyn clothes to compete in. A very loving and successful mother.
Father- Alexander Hargrave; an easy going pokemon breeder who specializes in therapy. He spoils Gwendolyn the most with toys and small presents. He was the one to show Gwendolyn the "cute" side of scary things.
Eldest Brother- Gabriel Hargrave; a pokemon coordinator. He's a very serious and intense person, being the most protective over Gwendolyn. He calls her multiple times a day to make sure she's okay. He also tends to send her the most useful items.
Second Eldest Brother- Michael; a pokemon trainer that's so easy going, he's borderline lazy. He was the most supportive of Gwendolyn going off on her own journey, saying that it was important for her to learn about life and pokemon first hand. He sends Gwendolyn snacks and candy (since that's more fun than what Gabriel seems to send...)


Very playful but naughty. He was a gift to Gwendolyn on her 10th birthday from her father.

Skitty~Suger Shine~female:
Her personality practically mirrors Gwendolyn's own. She is usually called "Sugar" for short. She was given to Gwendolyn on her 10th birthday from her mother.

A fiestly pokemon that does what she pleases when she pleases. She was the first pokemon that Gwendolyn caught on her own. Ouka seems to love poffins with a passion.

He seems to have a hard nosed exterior, tending to give most people and pokemon the cold shoulder. Gwendolyn found him as an abandoned eevee, and after earning his trust, she captured him and he soon evolved. Gwendolyn hopes he'll warm up one day.

A very eccentric pokemon that tends to act rather hyper. He bumps into things frequently, but he doesn't seem to mind. Gwendolyn thinks he's hilarious.

This one is rather impish at times, and definitely likes plotting trouble. However, he hates to get dirty, whining and crying to be cleaned if he even gets a little dirt on his fur. He's very much a prima donna.

[OTHER] ::
- she worries that her love for scary/dark things will make her look less lady-like.
-on a never ending quest for a cute nickname. She hates being called "Gwen" because it is simply NOT cute.
-she isn't very athletic and is prone to exhaustion. Because she over-packs and carries too many things, she has passed out on many occasions on her journey.
-Sugar is hardly ever in her pokeball.
-The small checkered bag in her items holds berries and poffins

Sorry if this is too long! OTL
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Wheelzzz Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
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